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Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Much Fun

I'm from the south. Georgia to be specific. And unless you didn't turn on a news station last week then you know what happened in the Metro Atlanta area when it snowed two inches. We southerners don't do snow.

But Kansas is a different story altogether. Here you own snow shovels and sleds and you salt your driveway. Your neighborhood resembles a Colorado ski town and you are glad you have those Sorel snow boots. 

As we check-all-the-boxes of "things to do when one lives in snow country" we are already having so much fun this winter! The first time it really snowed was just before Christmas which made for such a fun holiday. After another downpour this weekend we bought a sled and took Parker sledding for the very first time. Here is a look at how we spent Sunday afternoon:

 Parker and Daddy ready to try out the hill!
 Parker loved it! He was all smiles at the end of each run:
Here's a quick video of the boys sledding:

And we also sent Parker down the little hill all by himself! My heart nearly stopped when Honey let go of the sled but Parker did great and LOVED it (as you can clearly see)!!
At six months pregnant, I was too scared to go on the sled with Parker for fear I would fall and hurt one of the three of us. But Parker did sit on the sled with me although I'm sure he was waiting for us to take off!
 And I had a great time sledding down the hill too!
We also had a chance to make a snow angel. (Parker was trying to clap his hands in his snow suit! He was really having the best time!)
His finished product:
 Parker's little cheeks were so rosy afterward!
After all that fun (and a good nap) we were all ready to watch commercials and the half time show at the Super Bowl!
It was such a fun snow day! We are going to really enjoy making memories in all of this Kansas snow!



  1. You're in Kansas?! Which part? I lived in KC and miss Kansas in *the* worst way (though I could do without the snow)!!
    Looks like you had such a great time. And, oh my goodness, how adorable is your little snowman?!

  2. Oh my goodness! That really does looks like SNOW much fun!


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