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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Silent Sunday

Just a few pictures of our week for Silent Sunday! (I'm posting about Valentine's Weekend separately so none of our Valentine's Day or weekend pictures are included here!)

I love that Parker Bear does the exact same thing my dad does when he's concentrating. Reminds me that apples don't fall far do they?
 Kansas in the winter means documenting the time you went to church amist a downpour of beautiful white snow! Just another 2" added to the 15" that were already on the ground!
Oh and what's Parker spelled out in blocks? Oh just Baby Boy Snowden #2's NAME! We are so excited to finally have a name for our little peanut and can't wait to share it very soon! (Sorry for the blurry picture, we were all a little excited!)
And although this video is not exactly in keeping with the "silent" theme, I had to share it anyway. Looks like our baby boy has started working on a sound that all little boys insist on making!
Here we go!!
Two wonderful milestones were met in my family this week! My grandmother turned 93... (pictured here with Parker in November)...
... And my parents celebrated 45 years of marriage!

Happy Sunday!



  1. I adore the little tongue sticking out!
    Seriously, more snow?! Eek!

  2. Oh!! I can't wait to know the name of my newest nephew!! I was trying my hardest to read the blocks. :)


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