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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Did and I Do

Two year ago today, at four-thirty in the afternoon, beside a lake surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, among our closest friends and our families, Honey and I said I DO to one another!

Happy Two Year Anniversary to us!

A lot has changed in those two years... a move (for me), a pregnancy and the birth of our son, and job changes. We've taken wonderful trips together to the Virgin Islands, Amelia Island, Colorado, New York, and St. George Island... 

It's been a wonderful two years.

When I think back to our wedding day, to our vows, to what we committed to each other, I'm genuinely moved by what marriage is and more importantly what it means to us.

We committed to be together in sickness and in health, for rich and for poor, until death do us part. That covers a lot, right? 

It also leaves a lot of room for grey areas. 

We didn't explicitly commit to life changing events. We didn't verbally commit to going together to wherever the Army sends us. We didn't commit to spending two weeks living in a hospital NICU beside our days-old baby. 

We didn't explicitly commit to the daily grind of life within marriage. We didn't say that we would always apologize quickly and easily, kiss after an argument, admit when we were wrong, or never argue.

No, we didn't cover those things in our vows. But bigger than our traditional wedding vows is our commitment to each other. Our commitment to work through the gray areas of our marriage. We decided together that no matter what, through thick and thin, we would stay together. And above everything else, we would put our marriage first.

Standing there two years ago today, saying our marriage vows, full of hope and promise for the future, is such a sweet memory!

And in reality? We continue to live out those vows. But even more than that, we also define our gray area. Daily! 

We bite our tongues. We retreat. We apologize. We seek forgiveness. We take great pride in this marriage. And we have agreed to work together to make it the best marriage it can be. 

When we said "I DO" we meant it that day. And we have meant it every day since. 

We Did. And We Do.

On a related note... last year, on our one year anniversary, Honey and I got *take out* from our favorite restaurant downtown and ate it in a hospital NICU room next to our *nine-day-old* *four-pound baby* boy. We frequently recall that night and the *love* that was in that room. This year that same baby is a healthy twenty-two-pound one-year-old! We are blessed beyond belief!

Happy Anniversary Honey! I Did and I Do. Every Day!

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