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Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Mini Style Challenge Part I

What is May Mini Style Challenge? It is an instagram photo challenge put together by two of my favorite bloggers! Each day there is a "challenge" - like plaid or pocket - and participants take a picture of their mini wearing that style.

There is no winner, there is no prize, it's just for fun! The photos are all hashtag'd with #mayministyle so check it out if you're on instragram!

And while you're there, take a minute to follow me. That is if you like pictures of babies. And dogs. And army-wife stuff. And food.

Anyway, here is a quick run down of how Parker Bear and I are doing with the super fun May Mini Style!

1 - Stripes

2 - Pocket (*on his cardigan. I know.)

3 - Mint

4 - Socks

5 - Yellow

6 - Bib

7 - Shorts

8 - Sports Team

9 - Plaid

10 - Jammies

11 - Polka Dots

12 - Mama and Mini

13 - Shoes

14 - Animals

15 - Denim

I've had so much fun playing along! Can't wait to keep the challenge up for the second half of May!

Have a great rest of the weekend ~

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  1. The second one is Defiantely my fav!!! I love those little toms too!!


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