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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

So What Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with Shannon over at "Life After I Dew" to say SO WHAT Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying so what if ...

  • I placed the blades for my food processor in a "safe place"? Well, $75 and ten minutes online later and new ones will be here any day. And when I find the safely tucked away blades that came with my food processor well then I'll just have two sets. So what, right? 
  • I did not want to go to Boot Camp on Monday night? I love working out in the mornings and loathe working out in the evenings. Oh well, I went. And I can do this for three more weeks, right?
  • (Speaking of working out) I posted a post-workout picture on this very blog? I needed to capture sweet Parker Bear kisses and well, let's face it, this is what I look like most days. A mom in workout gear.
  • I might have hung a decoration for Baby Boy's FIRST BIRTHDAY party? The party might not be for ten more days but someone is very excited! And I don't mean the birthday boy...
What are you saying so what to this week?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. 1st birthday's are the best and deserve to be celebrated for a while! At least that is what I tell my husband when I celebrated our daughter's for like 2 weeks lol

    Stopping by from SWW!!


  2. Oh, how I loved those sweet open-mouth kisses from my babies. I hope he's got one for his Aunt Lindsay this weekend!


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