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Monday, May 20, 2013

Parker Lately: 12 Month Post

Dear Parker Bear,

We find it so hard to believe that on Sunday, May 12th you turned ONE! I sincerely hope that the year from one to two years of age is somehow longer than the time from the time you were born to turning one...

This year has without a doubt been the best year of our lives! Every day is more fun than the day before it. Each day brings a new surprise that warms our hearts!

Parker your little personality is just emerging more and more with each passing day and we love watching you grow into a fun little boy. Experiencing the world through your eyes brings us so much joy! I never want to forget these days, these moments. 

So what are you like after one year?

You are intelligent. You continue to amaze us with how very smart you are. I suppose all parents say this and that makes sense. I certainly don't think I ever gave babies the credit they deserve for how advanced their brains are! You know so much! You learn so quickly and pick up a new game in seconds. We love playing with you and seeing how smart you are!

You are sweet. Oh so sweet! When people (even strangers) smile at you, you always smile back. If someone speaks to you, you will smile and sometimes even babble back. When you're holding something that we need to take from you for any reason, you give it up peacefully and move on. You have such a sweet little disposition already!

You are happy. Cheerful even! You just exude happiness in all you do. Daddy and I frequently say if only the rest of the world had your attitude, the world would be a better place. You find great happiness in the simplest of things, smiling easily all day long. Your happy little nature is the first thing people comment on after being in your presence for a moment or two. It makes us so happy that you are so happy!

You are curious. Very curious. About everything! You study new objects by turning them over and over in your little hands making sure you see every angle of whatever it is. If you hear a new sound you stop what you are doing and look in the direction of the new sound. Usually you will search for the source of the sound before returning to playing. You watch Daddy and I curious about what we are doing from washing our hands, to eating, to folding laundry to petting Cash. You love to seek out new things and we so enjoy watching you explore your curious nature!

You are loving. You love to snuggle and be held. You love to give big, open-mouth kisses. You give the best bear hugs and love to squeeze our necks! You definitely love to love.

Some of your favorite things are: 

Laughing - sometimes for no reason at all
Clapping - even if no one is watching
Jumping - in our arms or in your jumper
Snuggling - you will snuggle anytime, any place, with *almost* anyone
Books - a favorite, you will quickly get immersed in studying your favorite books
Cash Dog - best buds already, you love to "pet" Cash or even just watch him
Cars - so much fun when they drive by
Being Outside - the breeze, the sights, the smells, you love being outside
Eating - meals are so much fun and you have not met a food you don't like
Nursing - still nursing 5 times a day
Sleeping - nine hours each night, two naps a day which are one to two hours

Some of your dislikes are:

There isn't really anything we have found that you don't like. No, really. You cried recently when you were sitting and toppled backwards bumping your head on the floor. And another time when we were getting a new toy out of the box and it made a loud sound unexpectedly. And one other time when a small book you were playing with pinched your lip when you closed it. But after a quick snuggle, a quick passy suck, and some sweet whispers each time you are back to your happy little self within sixty seconds. 

We have yet to experience a melt down. That's not to say you may have one someday but for now your life seems to suit you and as a result you are certainly a happy, easy going little boy.

Thank you for making this year so much fun! We have loved watching you grow and experience the world around you. We get so much joy and pleasure from just being in your presence. We truly love you more than we knew was even possible! 

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