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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Boot Camp Week 2

I don’t know but I’ve been told… Boot Camp girls are strong a bold.

That is the opening of the cadence we chant at boot camp. Seriously. I wrote last week about the4-week-boot-camp I enrolled in at the gym this month.

So how’s it going? Well I’m glad it’s just four weeks! Boot camp is grueling and our coaches do a great job playing the drill sergeant routine. 

It’s serious. 

If someone is late? We all pay a penalty. If we finish the work out before others, we run in place or jump rope until everyone is done. It’s no joke. And that’s on top of a workout that might make you cry.

In addition to the 3-days-a-week of boot camp we are also doing three CrossFit workouts per week. Those are tough too but recently I’ve found them to be a nice change to the boot camp!

So for those keeping score that’s six workouts in one week. Ouch.

Then there’s the meal plan. I love being on a meal plan. It takes the guess work out of eating healthy and cooking clean. But at the same time the meal plan is my biggest issue. The shopping, prepping, and cooking three meals a day plus at least one snack for Honey and I is proving to put quite a demand on my time.

I need an extra day each week just to prep so that I can put the meals together quickly and easily!

But the food itself? Delicious! Honey and I have not yet had a meal we didn’t like! Which is wonderful!

Biggest challenge so far? First was being out of town and having to make healthy choices when temptation was eh-va-ry where. Second is being prepared with meals at home. Always having the ingredients to make the meals and snacks in advance so I have what I need when I need it. But isn’t that true with every meal plan?

So for week two, we’re hanging in there, still doing it. Still glad we’re doing it? Today I’d say yes. But ask me again tomorrow!

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