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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Playing Cinderella: A Military Ball

Last week I got to play Cinderella. All day long I ran around taking care of Baby Parker and Cash Dog, packing us up for a week long trip away, wrapping up loose ends, cleaning up and getting our house "show-ready", and running errands.

Then when the clock struck what felt like midnight but was actually only five o'clock Nanny M arrived to take care of Parker Bear and I changed into a fancy dress, high heels, and diamond earrings to accompany my Prince Charming to a Military Ball.

I love military balls and the chance to get dressed up!

We had a wonderful evening visiting with friends followed by dinner and dancing! It was a wonderful time and I'm so glad we got to attend this year. Last year we missed this same formal because we were in the hospital with our newborn baby and the year before we were on our Honeymoon. I'm so glad we were able to go since we are leaving for Kansas this summer. 

It was also my first time leaving Baby Parker with a sitter (although Nanny M is more like family than a sitter) for the evening. And even though Nanny M knows exactly what to do I still left her two pages of notes which she was so sweet to read.

Of course Parker did great! He had so much fun playing with her as he always does! I had pumped a bottle for him over the course of several days so he still had mama's milk at bed time keeping his routine as close to normal as possible. We missed him but it was good for all of us and made our reunion the next morning even sweeter!

Military balls are one of my favorite things about being a military spouse!

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