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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Marriage Retreat

Honey and I attended a marriage retreat this past weekend.

And I have a confession... I loved it!

We heard about this opportunity to get together with other couples and learn ways to strengthen our marriage. And we jumped at the opportunity!

The retreat was in a town near us that we *love* to visit! Parker attended with us and played with other children his age under the watchful eyes of several nannies while Honey and I were in our sessions.

Friday night we had a delicious dinner at one of our most favorite restaurants followed by the first adult-only session.  We enjoyed the time together with other parents and the chance to reflect on our marriage.

The second session started Saturday morning at nine and lasted three hours. (The longest session of the weekend.) I checked on Parker during each break only to discover that if he wasn’t napping he was happily playing with a nanny and the many toys that were provided.

Saturday afternoon and evening were free time! Child care was provided that evening for those that wanted a “date night” but we ended up keeping Parker with us all afternoon and evening. Family time won out and we loved having our boy with us!

After lunch together we went into the historical downtown area and enjoyed walking around peeking in stores and getting coffee. We discovered a new restaurant and were able to get an early reservation. It was the third time that we’ve taken Parker to a “fancy” restaurant; you know, the kind that don’t have children’s menus!

Sunday there was a short morning session. Afterwards we picked Parker up and thanked his “weekend nannies”. They adored him and each wanted to dote on him before we left. It was very sweet!

The marriage retreat itself was wonderful! Honey and I thoroughly enjoyed each of the sessions. We relished the opportunity to discuss our marriage in ways we had not ever done before. Honestly we did not know what to expect. But now having been through this experience, Honey and I both feel refreshed.

On Sunday afternoon after lunch together with Parker, we headed home. Our eyes and hearts bright, filled with love and hope, reflecting a sense of renewal.

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