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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Big Weekend in Review

I realize that today is Thursday but I can't let another day go by without recapping our fabulous weekend! Mother's Day + Baby Dedication + Parker's First Birthday + Family all in one weekend!!

First, the grandparents arrived! Both sets of parents came in town on Saturday and we were so thrilled to have them visiting for the rest of the weekend. Saturday was a fun day - we had lunch at home as soon as they all arrived and then after Parker's afternoon nap we went out to dinner together. Parker loved the attention from all of them!

The next day, Sunday, May 12 was our triple threat: Parker turned one, Mother's Day, and Parker's Baby Dedication at church. 

We attended the Baby Dedication ceremony at church in the morning. It was very special! Our church provides each set of parents with "homework" to prepare a statement describing your goals as parents as you build in your child the kind of characteristics you would most like to see in them as they grow. We read our statement to our parents during the ceremony. It was very special for Honey and I to take the time over the last several weeks to prepare that for this day and then to read it to our parents since they will help hold us accountable as we raise our little Parker Bear. 

We celebrated Mother's Day by exchanging gifts with our Mother's and Honey and Parker gave gifts to me. It was so much fun! I was so excited this year because even though it was my second Mother's Day, it felt like my first. Last year in the NICU it just didn't feel like Mother's Day. This year definitely felt like Mother's Day and I loved every minute of it!

After lunch we were so excited to let Parker open his presents and of course eat his first smash cake. We weren't sure what to expect with the cake. At first Parker touched it and played with it before he realized he could eat it! Once he figured that out he was very into his cake. Here is a progression in pictures: 

It was oh so much fun! I'd like to re-live the weekend again. This time in slow motion! We had such a good time and so enjoyed our time with family and celebrating our sweet little miracle boy.

Happy Birthday Parker!


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  2. Oh my goodness! What a mess he made with the cake! Did he actually get some in his mouth or just all over himself?! I LOVE the last picture, by the way. Too cute!


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