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Friday, May 17, 2013


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Oh Hi Friday, you're back. Wow, that was quick!

Well once again I'm linking up with Lauren to say High Five for Friday! Here are my top five favorites from this week:

1. Definitely celebrating my second "first" Mother's Day. It might be my new favorite day!

2. This Chevron Dress Honey gave me for part of my Mother's Day gift. Now? Need a reason to wear it! Love!

3. This? Not only a highlight of my week but also a highlight of my life! First of two smash cakes on Parker Bear's birthday.  Sooo much fun!

4. Such a fun week preparing for our little boy's FIRST Birthday Bash happening this weekend!

5. Having my mom here for a whole week helping me get ready for Baby Parker's big day! Having her here has made a whole lotta work into a whole lotta fun!

What are you saying High Five to this Friday? Have a great weekend!


  1. His birthday party already looks adorable from the pictures I've seen on IG! I hope ya'll have a wonderful day!!

  2. From where is that dress? It's lovely!

  3. LOVE that dress. Hope the bday party was good!


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