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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Parker Lately

These days Parker is learning something new every single day! It is simply amazing to watch as he learns and experiences the world around him.

The newest and most exciting thing in our house these days is kissing! Parker loves to kiss and be kissed.

If Honey and I are there together then Parker wants to kiss each of us. If he kisses one then he wants to kiss the other. It is so precious!

Of course Parker “kisses” are traditional baby kisses. They are open mouth, sometimes tongue included, usually leaving a little bit of sweet baby slober behind.

We can’t get enoughof his sweet kisses of course!

Parker also learned to show us just how big he is! When we ask him "Parker how big are you?" he responds with a huge smile and both hands as high over his head as he can reach while we say "SOOO BIG"! He will sometimes randomly throw his hands overhead just so that we will remind him how big he is.

The other new thing our boy is doing is turning the pages of his board books. Parker LOVES books and has loved holding and looking at books for many months. But now he can open books and turn the pages himself! It is so cute to watch him working on this skill while he “reads” his books.

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